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Water Damage Testimonials

I couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of workmanship by SERVPRO St. Cloud! Our crew was lead by Trevor and Justin, who I couldn’t speak more highly of. They were so knowledgeable, organized and had a customer first mentality. Also at our house was James, Bryan and Brandon. They were such hard workers. The work they were doing was hard, heavy lifting and strenuous work. They did such a good job. The entire crew met and far exceeded my expectations. They do things the right way, don’t cut corners and were professional. After experiencing extensive water damage in my home, SERVPRO St. Cloud made the days that followed so much easier on us. They took care of everything and were so good at what they did with removing floors, walls, ceilings etc. to dry out the house. Thank you SERVPRO St. Cloud!

These guys were fantastic! I didn’t know where to go until my insurance directed me to them for a water leak. They came immediately the next day and found the source of the problem with a moisture detector! They were very professional, explained the process, answered any questions that I had, and cleaned up after themselves. Left me with peace of mind.

I couldn't be more impressed by the attention to detail and thorough job. Brandon and his assistant did a great job with getting the water cleaned up. Justin and his assistant did a spectacular job removing damaged cabinets and flooring. They answer any question you have and make sure that they did their best. Great service and company! Well done.


Grant and the guys were absolutely AMAZAZING!! They took the time to explain stuff and were very on top of everything! 10+++++++ stars for these guys!! They were super fast and efficient! They would definitely be the ONLY crew I'd ever call again!! SERVPRO of St Cloud knocked it out of the park for me and my family!! Thanks a million. These guys truly saved my kitchen!!

We would highly recommend John, Kris, Courtney, and their crew from SERVPRO of St Cloud. We contacted them after we had water in our basement. They arrived and John explained very thoroughly what they would be doing to help us. The crew was efficient, polite, friendly and so helpful. They worked quickly to remove Sheetrock, carpet, padding, furniture etc to help get the areas ready for their equipment. They came back daily to check on progress and kept us informed. I appreciated their compassion, professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you to John, Kris and crew!!

I am happy with a quality work for both clean-up and renovation. It looks better than before we experienced the water damage. The work was done to our satisfaction.

The team that came out to my house to do water mitigation was extremely knowledgeable. They knew all about how to dry our house out and were able to answer all of my questions regarding the process of restoring my house. They were very quick to get out here in the first place and get my house drying. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was always on time and explained everything that they were doing. If I had questions they were very prompt in answering them.

I highly recommend SERVPRO of St. Cloud. They were very professional in dress and manor. They took extra steps in making sure that my property was not damaged while they were working. They sealed off the area that they were working in, put stuff down to protect my floors and cleaned up after themselves. I will definitely call them if I need work done again!

The team from SERVPRO of St Cloud was at our house within two hours of my call after our sump pump failed and flooded our basement. They were professional, efficient and friendly. From the initial clean up and return visits to the processing of our claim with the insurance company, they made everything as easy as possible. I would highly recommend their services!

Your crew did a great job with our water damage clean-up. All drying up! Thank you for your service.

I really had a great experience with the Saint Cloud crew of SERVPRO. They were very thorough. Very helpful in answering all my questions. Very personable. They did an excellent job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs remediation.

John and Kris were tremendous to work with. We were in the process of selling my mother's home after she moved into an assisted living center. There was water intrusion into the basement from an egress window following melting from the massive about of snowfall this past winter. I am 2 hours away from my mom's home so had to manage resolution of this issue remotely and in a timely manner. John and his team handled everything at the home, sending pictures of the work that was being done as well as update on the progress. Kris handled the paperwork part of the process. Both John and Kris were proactive, followed up quickly, and provided the right level of detail. They were a recommendation from my mom's insurance agent and the recommendation was well deserved. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this team. They made an unexpected headache easy to deal with and resolve. Mark

SERVPRO's team was very professional and also very considerate of our needs. The job was done very timely. We appreciated being informed of the damages and how to proceed.

I was very impressed with the SERVPRO of St. Cloud crew who came to my house.  They were courteous, professional and efficient, and they worked their tails off!

We had a disaster after our dishwasher leaked.  SERVPRO of St. Cloud did the cleanup and repairs.  The were very professional to deal with!  Great job of communicating with us!  Thank you!

They were great to work with.  Made the process less scary!  Thanks!

We had a toilet leak and called SERVPRO of St. Cloud.  They came to our home right away and cleaned up the mess.  I appreciated their prompt and clean work.  Thank you!

We had a dishwasher leak and SERVPRO of St. Cloud came out right away.  I was impressed with their response time and professionalism.  They kept our kitchen neat and informed us of the insurance process.  Would highly recommend them!

The SERVPRO team came in and handled my moisture mitigation in a reasonable timeframe.  They communicated very clearly and helped me understand what to expect. 

The guys were very professional and polite.  They put down runners to protect our carpet and cleaned up and vacuumed when they were done.  I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

With the recent freezing temperatures, we had a frozen pipe that caused a mess in our basement.  SERVPRO of St. Cloud was there soon after we found our damages.  The crew was polite, speedy and efficient.  Their knowledge in the construction area was evident.  Good service!

We had a toilet leak at our home. John and his crew came to our house immediately and fixed our problem.  They were kind and informed us of what was going to happen.  We would recommend them to our friends.

Fantastic employees- Professional, courteous, prompt, friendly, and trustworthy!

We had a dishwasher leak and called SERVPRO of St. Cloud.  They were wonderful to work with!  Would recommend them!

We had water damage in our basement and John with SERVPRO of St. Cloud came out immediately!  They were friendly, fast, and efficient!  I would recommend SERVPRO of St. Cloud to my family and friends!

Great people to work with!  Responded quick to our disaster!

Quick on the job, great and friendly service!

SERVPRO of St. Cloud helped us after our dishwasher leaked all over the kitchen floor.  They were fast, clean, and helpful!  I would recommend them to our friends and family anytime!

We had a toilet overflow and SERVPRO was there to help.  Very efficient and friendly staff!

Very fast service, great customer service, very friendly, honest, and personable staff.

John and Kris- Thanks so much!  Your staff worked fast to get everything cleaned up!  They were professional and courteous!  I was amazed of the water video that John sent to my phone.  I appreciate all that you did to take care of the water damage!

SERVPRO was very energetic and went above the quality of service that I imagined! I was impressed with the attention to detail that was put into our project.

We had a minor water damage leak. SERVPRO came out immediately and took care of the problem. Staff was very easy to work with.

Was amazed how prompt and fast the service went! Will recommend them to my friends if ever in need!

We had a dishwasher leak in our home in St. Cloud, Mn. SERVPRO of St. Cloud came out immediately and cleaned up our mess. They were professional, upbeat, and courteous. We were so impressed with their workmanship!

SERVPRO of St. Cloud was amazing! We had an icemaker water leak in our kitchen while we were at work. My wife came home to water everywhere, I had her call SERVPRO of St Cloud and they came out at 6:30 at night and cleaned up all the water. They prevented tons of water damage and got our lives back to normal in just a few weeks! Totally recommend them!

Unfortunately, we had water damage as a result of a toilet leak. We called our insurance agent who called SERVPRO of St. Cloud. As it was a weekend, I was unsure how fast someone could come out to our house. SERVPRO of St. Cloud responded and was at our house within an hour. They cleaned up our mess and were so professional with the process. They restored our home! Thanks SERVPRO of St. Cloud!

Our house had water damage from our ice maker that leaked. We called SERVPRO of St. Cloud who responded immediately! They had so many large green blowers that dried our kitchen in no time! Mitch and John were friendly and knowledgeable!

I came home to a flooded basement with water standing on the floor. My insurance company contacted SERVPRO of St. Cloud who responded immediately! They were there to clean up the mess. I was impressed in the care they took with my belongings and walked me through this process. Great service and would recommend them to anyone!

I came home from work to water in my entire kitchen. I called SERVPRO of St. Cloud who responded quickly. They were professional as they cleaned up the water damage. They covered the floor and kept the work area clean. I was impressed with their work and speed to get our house back to normal again!

Great people to work with! They explained things well about my water damage and repairs!

I came home to a huge water mess and found SERVPRO of St. Cloud. They came out immediately and cleaned everything up for me. I was impressed with their professionalism!

We came home with water damage to our basement. We called SERVPRO of St. Cloud who came out immediately. We were impressed with their friendliness and professionalism. They cleaned the water damage and were neat in the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone that had water damage or a flooded basement.

We had a toilet that overflowed. The damage was more than we could clean up so we called SERVPRO of St. Cloud. They came to our house after "normal" business hours and were very efficient and reliable. We felt they were very conscientious while cleaning up our water damage.

Unfortunately, we had a dishwasher that leaked and didn't know about it as we were gone to work. When we returned home, we found water damage throughout the kitchen and living room. We found SERVPRO of St. Cloud on the internet. They were friendly and helpful in getting our house back to normal. I hope we never have water damage again but I did trust SERVPRO of St. Cloud.

Our wash machine leaked and I didn't know what to do. At first I was a bit apprehensive as I did not know who to call or what kind of work they would do. We found SERVPRO of St. Cloud on the internet and I was so pleased of their quality of work, professionalism, and cleanliness at our home. Super impressed!

We had water damage and felt very comfortable with SERVPRO of St. Cloud in our home.  Thanks for your help! 

We had water damage and felt very comfortable with SERVPRO of St. Cloud in our home.  Thanks for your help! 

We had water damage in our basement after a heavy rain.  We contacted SERVPRO and they were responsive, efficient, and friendly while fixing our mess!  Great service and great people!